Thursday, September 11

Video Game Fitness for Gears of War 2 - Reviewed

Exercise with your favorite game!

This video review is from Megan Lee's gaming fitness blog, and her personal choice of game was "The Simpsons". She also shows how you can use the Gamercize Power Stepper while working or surfing the net with your PC; it's pretty useful and informative stuff.

I've mentioned before that you can lose 10 lbs per video game completed with Gamercize, so I guess Megan has a little way to go yet before the ending scene of the Simpsons video game! If you have played this game to the end then you'll know it's a funny ending, similar to the Men In Black movie, and well worth seeing. Don't cheat and look it up on YouTube, play the game!

My personal favorite game changes from month to month, from racing games to sports games. I'm still using Gamercize with the choice of the day, as I am into a weight management mode, having lost the pounds I needed to. My next favorite game is sure to be Gears of War 2, which will be released in November ready for my winter workout. Gears is compelling enough for me to keep the fitness levels up at a time that normally has activity on hold. I'm taking the point in Megan's video review that is made well - you can play any game and it works!

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