Thursday, March 24

Exergaming putting PE in the news (Video)

Gamercize in Tampa, helping kids get active!

Children are supposed to get 60 minutes of exercise a day, and that's often not happening. With child obesity rates rising and kids interest in physical education dropping, educators are constantly trying to craft new and exciting ways to get kids pumped about fitness.

Lisa Hansen is leading the way with research and practical application of exergaming in schools. The USF Research Labs are showing that technology and PE can co-exist with results that the kids love!

Saturday, March 19

Gamercize - The Story So Far

Check out this video to look back at the Gamercize story over the last five years!

The first five years of Gamercize active gaming has delivered real exercise to work with real games.

Patented technology provides the immersion of the very best gaming has to offer, with genuine heart pumping workouts at a level you choose. There is no finer exergame for the millions of true gamers playing the latest games co-op, solo and online. If you want to know what we have for 2011, click here:

Gamercize - Reach the Next Level -