Active Gaming Research Projects

Gamercize gives wold wide support to graduates and undergraduates looking to research exergaming. 

If you are an undergrad looking for a project idea for your dissertation or a researcher looking to break new ground with the best active gaming has to offer then take a look at our Research Questions below.

This is a list of the projects that have been completed using Gamercize equipment by various organisations;

Research ProjectProduct UsedOutcomeResearcherYear
Observe the free choice of 7-11 year olds between exergaming and exercise to evaluate the engagement of physical activity interventionsGamercize GZ Kids-Sport Stepper and CycleGamercize showed six times more engaging than exerciseFPLC (Published in Future Fitness)2007
Using emoticons as a scale ask school children if they enjoyed Gamercize as a PE ClassGamercize GZ Sport Stepper95% Of 130 children enjoyed Gamercize in PEGamercize (Shown on BBC News)2008
Compare the difference in experience of exergames by giving children 10 mins on each exergame and asking them to choose a favoriteGamercize GZ Kids-Sport Stepper and CycleGamercize was chosen 2:1 over the next best exergameGPS (not published)2008
Post-intervention interviews on 11-12 year old attitudes to physical activity Gamercize GZ Sport Cycles90% Of 50 children wanted to use Gamercize for exerciseUniversity of Cumbria, Tyson J2009
What are the fitness benefits of using Gamercize PC-Sport under desk stepper over 12 weeks, self-studyGamercize PC-SportImprovement in RHR and reduction in BMI, 1 hour per day recommendationUniversity of South Florida, Runjaic I2010
Comparison of physical activity levels in children between Recess activity and Gamercize activityGamercize Pro-SportSustainable PA observed (note similar Wii study showed no sustainability)University of Coventry, Duncan M (Reported EGOC)2011
Feasibility and cardiovascular responses using the Gamercize in Hong Kong Chinese girlsGamercize Pro-SportBalance and ease of stepping sustained after 60 seconds, Gamercize sustained 70% MHRUniversity of Hong Kong, Mellecker, R (reported ISBNPA)2012

There are many research questions that still need to be answered, and this is a top list of study designs that Gamercize would be interested in seeing the results. These are our "Research Questions";

  1. Compare the RPE and actual EE of a) Gamercize and b) Exercise machines
  2. Investigate if traditional measured v02max is higher or lower using Gamercize Pro-Sport
  3. Determine the acute effects on academic learning in children of the Gamercize PC-Sport
  4. Monitor the long term effects on body fat percentage of children using Gamercize as an after school and lunch time club
  5. Determine the effectiveness of Gamercize as a rehabilitation tool in a clinical environment
  6. Investigate the differences in effectiveness and adoption of Gamercize between overweight groups and non-overweight groups 

Some of the studies that have been undertaken into exergames have given poor results,  most of these have flawed by incorrect choice of intervention, most are Wii Sports or Wii Fit studies. Most studies that failed to produce differences between control and intervention groups can be repeated with Gamercize equipment to show headline results;

  1. Does exergaming, using Gamercize, reach MVPA (many previous Wii Sports studies including ACSM research shows it does not)
  2. Does exergaming the home, using Gamercize, improve health indicators (many previous Wii Fit studies fail due to drop out)

Gamercize does not sponsor research, as we believe only independent research is credible and adds value to the edivence base for exergaming. We do look to support researchers with knowledge transfer and endless enthusiasm not to mention motivation! Contact us at if you are looking to Reach the Next Level in active gaming research!