Wednesday, July 22

When did fitness machines get so sexy?

Gamercize Family Fit

It's not just the looks that make the GZ Family Fit cool, it's the functionality, a rower, a recumbent cycle and (of course!) Gamercize active gaming interaction that let's you play Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii - but only so long as you keep cycling! Check it out...
Rower : A powerful full body workout. Seat back protects from lower back injury, associated with other lesser rowers for a safe and comfortable workout.

Cycle : Smooth and painless way to shed the pounds and improve fitness. Seat and rail fold up when out of use, taking up less space in the home than most upright cycles.

Gamercize : The best in exergaming technology provides all the distraction from the effort of exercise with video games, available for Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

This is pretty cool and is priced a lot less that you would think... see for yourself here.

Monday, July 20

New - Gamercize Shop

Worldwide portal live!

There's some pretty cool stuff going on in here! Take for example the World of Warcraft Fitness Edition, or maybe you want to get active with The Sims 3"Slim it up!".

There's a wide range of delivery locations and of course, buy in your own currency!

Take a jump over to now!

More to Come from the Calorie Burn Benefits of Exergaming

Wii and DDR show the trend!

It's good to see the recognition that DDR has given exergaming in the raising of awareness that active video games can burn calories. BUT, there is more to come.

As you can see from the chart Nintendo Wii and DDR (Dance Mat) are indeed good exercise, something that we published in 2006, so it's not really news to us. What I'm waiting for is the researchers to pick up on Gamercize, with it's whopping calorie burn of over three times Nintendo Wii.

But that's not the full story, Gamercize is configurable, so if you can't kick out 650+ calories per hour, then you can tune it to your level. In the case of the Power Stepper you can bring back the effort to DDR levels, and with the Endurance Cycle, back down to Wii/Eyetoy levels.

It's important that you (or your personal trainer) sets the level of effort required, because everyone is different, and everyone should be allowed to achieve at their current ability and given the chance to improve.

Wednesday, July 15

Get Ready for the Fitness Revolution!

Exciting new development from Gamercize!
Could you make a difference in people's lives, a real difference? We do and soon you'll be able to join this revolution in the way fitness is delivered, and make a difference too.

Technology is the entertainment media that's displacing sport and physically active pastimes. This is bad for the public health and bad for future. We're changing all this right now, not by banning the xbox or cutting out the computer time, but by working with technology instead.

It's survival of the fittest out there, and Gamercize is helping more and more people get active lifestyles and making sure that it is fun and enjoyable.

Monday, July 13

What's the best exercise game?

Answer these 2 questions for your personal results!

  What games console do you have/want?   

  What video game do/would you like playing the most?   

  The best exercise game for you is   

This shows you don't have to buy a gym on a games disk to get fit. If the gym didn't do it for you then a gym on your console that can be easily swapped out for your favourite game won't either!

You could be burning up to 650 calories per hour without noticing the effort playing your favourite game on your favourite console.

For more information see for PC and Mac, for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii or for PlayStation 2, GameCube and Original Xbox.

Monday, July 6

Revealed - How to get fit with the Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Statistics Show Us the Way!

Take a look at the statistics reported from the Wii channel usage from Kotaku's original post.

For a year of Wii Fit release, the average gamer time is 18 hours and 18 mins. Wow. Can you get fit by spending an hour and a half per month on the balance board? I thought not.

Now check out Super Smash Bros Brawl and Mario Kart Wii - That's over 8 hours per month, 130 min per week and very close to the 150 mins per week asked for by the US guidelines.

With those two stats, how do you get fit with the Wii? Use Gamercize and play the games that keep you coming back for more. It's all about the games, the fun and stealth exercise. QED.

How can you make this happen for your health and fitness? Check out