Friday, December 5

How to Make Mario Kart Wii Fit

Nintendo Wii can be fitness and fun at the same time!

The benefits of the boxing game with Wii Sports and the jogging from Wii Fit would appear to represent the best of the fitness workouts for the console.

What makes the console work particularly well as an active gaming platform is the intentions of the purchaser. People associate Wii with exercise, because the first two major titles Wii Sports and Wii Fit. There are good intentions for health from the majority of purchasers.

In common with all active gaming the health benefits are backed up with sustainable fun. Despite reports that these two aforementioned titles are destined to be played infrequently there is still enough fun factor to get motivated people more active.

What is Wii doing on my blog you may be wondering at this point. I've been training on the various aspects of the Wii system this week, putting the various strengths of each option forward in order to get the most effective use in getting kids moving, and keeping them moving. This is something that I have had experience of first hand with my own once lazy gamers, and have collected over the last four years from our school customer's feedback.
I have already mentioned the more apparent fitness titles for Nintendo's console, but here is one you would not expect - Mario Kart Wii. This title is all about fun and nothing to do with exercise, until Gamercize jumps in and lends a hand. This is the title I choose to demonstrate in my training.
As you can see these teachers are enjoying a head to head battle using Gamercize to keep themselves in the game, on Mario Kart Wii. Gamercize extends the capabilities of the Wii in the class environment.
Gamercize means up to four simultaneous players can play in teams, individual competition or cooperatively. With Gamercize the energy expenditure is increased to four times that of wand games. Using Gamercize allows the kids to change from Mario Kart to Smash Bros Brawl, to Mario Football, making sustaining the extra activity much easier than a fitness only title. Gamercize also works with non-Mario games, in case your kids are Sonic fans!
If you are getting disappointed with the results from your Wii in school, then maybe take this extra dimension and get more active utilisation. If you haven't noticed fitness levels increase then this extra dimension will kick start your fitness technology program, and keep it running with the popularity of the finest Wii games.

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Stephen Yang said...

Exergaming Cheats! Exergaming Hacks! Wii Classic Controller is used in this setup and not the WiiMote. I was so confused for a while until Richard broke it down for me.