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Reach the Next Level™ with Gamercize® (or Gamercise®)

I was reading an excellent blog post this morning that gave a comprehensive synopsis of the Wii, through it's marketing, sponsored research and implementation. Sadly the item was flawed in referring to the underlying concept as "gamercise". That's a registered trademark, along with "gamercize", and guess what - it's nothing to do with the Wii!

I've seen the use of our trademark a couple of times recently, and it got me thinking as to why people are gravitating to "gamercise" and away from "exergaming" - which is the popular and non-commercial US term for video game exercise.

The principle behind Gamercize (or Gamercise, if you prefer) is to put activity into existing games, taking none of the fun or control out of the game. This is our unique approach, which is different to all other exergaming implementations as they use exercise for control or as the purpose of the video game itself.

Fitness games are getting a little old, and there appears to be a general wave of realisation (or realization, if you prefer) that video games should be put first in video game exercise. Putting the game first means that the activity never gets old, it will keep you motivated with stealth fitness and you'll have a lot more fun, regardless of your physical condition.

Maybe this is why exergaming has lost a few mentions to gamercise, as people put the games first and not the exercise? I'll leave you with the views of the Times, published earlier this year, on the real Gamercize products:

"Most fitness-themed games quickly become boring. What gamers really want is to plug into their favourite franchise, with Gamercize" The Times.

For more information on the real deal, with the official Gamercize website.

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Dr. Ernie "Exergaming Evangelist" Medina, Jr. said...

While I love Gamercise, I have yet to hear anyone infringe on our trademarked name in my travels this past year. I'll keep my ears open more closely and see if someone mis-uses your name! ;-)

gamercize @ said...

Thanks Ernie! There's been a couple of articles / blog posts gone astray, but I've gently updated the authors that this new phenomena has an legal embodiment already!!!

Weight Loss with Lauren said...

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