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Teachers Demand Physical Education Overhaul

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Scientific research supports physical activity as an effective approach to minimize mounting health concerns and Physical Education teachers are using this research and exciting new methods to re-define "what is PE". PE teachers are the doing their part by rasing awareness that fitness can be fun, in a way that kids today understand - technology.

These technology skilled PE teachers of today are learning to use "exergames" in classes - exergames are video-games combined with fitness. Nothing engages today's school children more than technology, so it is no surprise exergames dramatically raise interest in PE class by making the class fun, challenging and rewarding. Exergaming is advocated throughout the U.S. by The Exergame Network (TEN). TEN's mission is to share information, success stories and act as a portal resource for exergaming via it's education wiki and blog.

Pioneering teachers PE encountered early challenges, sometimes experimenting with games consoles, like the Nintendo Wii, as a format to drive a PE class. Leading PE teachers now eagerly share the formula for success by using a wide range of exergame implementations. Successfully trailed exergames meet recommended exercise guidelines and can be integrated into structure PE lessons to the enjoyment and benefit of students. Many PE teachers have developed the skills to use exergaming in a developmentally appropriate way, according to guidelines from PE centers of excellence, as a tool can motivate and energize today's youth.

A Florida PE teacher spoke confidently in support of exergaming, "This is the first time in 11 years of teaching PE that I've had to kick kids out of class who don't want to stop exercising." One student summarizes the feelings of those involved in structured exergaming PE class "If the whole United States had a room like this, then this world would be a better place." This evidence, supported by peer reviewed research, comes directly from the University of South Florida's, Active Gaming Research Lab's web archives and represents just two of the many success stories of research into all ages and different implementations of exergaming.

The support for exergaming has reached global proportions, demonstrated by quotes from the BBC News posted in the Gamercize web archives. A PE student talks about the immersive nature of exergaming "Sometimes when you're playing netball or basketball you get a bit tired and then you say 'Oh I don't want to do this anymore' but this is really fun and I think I could do it all day." Her teacher is aware of how exergaming increases student involvement in PE, "Its certainly not physical education as we know it, but thats not what we're looking for. Some kids want to take part in this who wouldn't want to play football or other conventional sports."

Educators, researchers and editors alike are encouraged to use exergaming technology in their classes by first visiting the TEN resource sites to participate, ask questions to the worlds foremost experts, share news and ideas on exergaming in PE and PA. Resource information from TEN includes the five major categories of exergaming implementations, from dance pads to dedicated "workout" games, at TEN has also listed exergaming products available in the US with a collection of nearly 40 different exergaming choices covering aspects of PE with many different modes of physical activity at

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An Affordable Exergaming Product for Any Facility…Gamercize!

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Are you a School, YMCA, JCC, Park District or Health Club that is looking to add an interactive fitness product to your line-up that is “cost effective” and within a reasonable budget?

Well if so – we have an answer for you. It’s called Gamercize, and it is one of our top selling Exergaming products because of it’s durability, engaging gameplay and overall positive health impact it has with our clients.

The Gamercize products adds fitness motivation to all of the games on PlayStation3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii which is perfect for any facility that has any of these existing consoles.

What is Gamercize?

Gamercize Hardware

Gamercize Hardware

Gamercize interacts with your game console’s controller stopping it working when you are not exercising and letting you play normally when you are exercising.

It doesn’t limit gameplay by physical skill or ability, and does not make games harder to control. All you need to do is choose the exercise level for maximum enjoyment of the game and greatest fitness benefit for you.

Gamercize can work with any type of exercise machine but cycle and stepper are the best choice, as these machines leave your hands free to operate the controller. Simply exercise at a steady rate and enjoy your game. You may find it takes some practice to Gamercize at a steady rate, particularly if you are new to these machines.

Tommy Seilheimer VP of Exergame Fitness USA adds:
“The Gamercize system is one of the products we include on almost every quote we do just because of the universal applications we can adapt it too. This year I went on many of our USA facility installations to see it in action and it was one of the products that had kids lining up to play time after time.

What the kids didn’t know is the “stealth fitness” aspect of the product… it requires all users to continually exercise in order to play the game or it will “PAUSE” the gameplay. This is exactly what we look for in an interactive game that keeps kids engaged. We mostly applied FIFA 10 Soccer as the main demonstration game since Soccer is a popular and worldwide recognized sport that everyone understands and loves to play.”

Gamercize on FIFA 10!

Gamercize on FIFA 10!

When tested against other forms of interactive exercise, it is Gamercize that brings the biggest cardio workout for the maximum benefit in the minimum time and allows a wide range of adjustment, so you can set the effort to a level your clients are comfortable with.

The fun part about Gamercize is the massive assortment of games you can have kids play against eachother. This is so important when keeping kids engaged into games they love while providing a huge workout at the same time.

“I dare anyone who doubts the fitness aspect of the Gamercize to play 5-10 minutes straight of any of the following games and tell me it didn’t make you sweat along with having fun! My office number is 847-963-8969 x1103 or email me directly, I would love to hear any/all feedback from you and your experience with the system!”

Kids Love Gamercize

Kids Love Gamercize

*Independent Research Data:
(calories per hour for the average person during various activities)

When tested against other forms of interactive exercise, it is Gamercize that brings the biggest cardio workout for the maximum benefit in the minimum time. Gamercize also allows a wide range of adjustment, so you can set the effort to a level you are comfortable with.

Why Gamercize?
Gamercize introduces physical activity and social interaction that is lacking from playing games at home. Using the attraction of video games to your advantage, start engaging children and young adults in the media they desire. Use the fitness from Gamercize to develop skill and confidence in physical activity, through playing games.

Gamercize Studies and Trials:

  • Children’s Exercise Study – Gamercize is six times more popular than exercise alone!
  • Gosport School Trial – Gamercize is twice as popular as video game racing bikes!
  • Derbyshire School Demo – 95% of nearly 130 children voted to put Gamercize in school!

Expert Analysis:
“This test encouraged children to be more active, and that’s a great starting point. I know as a dad that the reason why video games are so popular is because they are so good, and kids will not leave them. It’s better to be smart and work with the games, making children more active in the process.” Dr Ian Campbell, medical director of Weight Concern and associate specialist University Hospital Nottingham

“This is a very interesting result – it opens up a possible way of getting children more active.” Dr Colin Waine, chairman of the National Obesity Forum

“My feelings are mainly supportive, looking at the study, and the products at face value as a means of increasing physical activity in novel and attractive ways. Childhood obesity is, obviously, a major problem, and conventional methods of tackling it have failed miserably, so congratulations for thinking of an innovative new way.” Dr David Haslam, Clinical Director of the National Obesity Forum

“I first saw Gamercize at a schools trial, where a class of 31 children were exercising on steppers and cycles playing PlayStation2. Out of all the equipment at the trial, boys and girls were asked to vote for a favourite. Gamercize was the clear winner, proving twice as popular as a second placed game racing bike. From a schools perspective, the flexibility of Gamercize to be used with more than one player provides a required social aspect to physical education. The ability to choose any game is also very useful, and helps maintain interest over time and engage all children.” Helen Ley, Sports Development Manager, Sport Hampshire & IOW

“We are committed to increasing opportunities and access for active participation amongst young people in the City. This innovative approach in partnership with Southampton Football Club and Gamercize is an initiative that compliments Active Southampton challenge of getting the people of Southampton active 30 minutes a day.”

Jayne Ludden
Sport and Recreation Services Manager, Southampton City Council – UK

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