Thursday, March 24

Exergaming putting PE in the news (Video)

Gamercize in Tampa, helping kids get active!

Children are supposed to get 60 minutes of exercise a day, and that's often not happening. With child obesity rates rising and kids interest in physical education dropping, educators are constantly trying to craft new and exciting ways to get kids pumped about fitness.

Lisa Hansen is leading the way with research and practical application of exergaming in schools. The USF Research Labs are showing that technology and PE can co-exist with results that the kids love!

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FatManRunning said...

The concept for this website is great :). Video Games and losing weight always seems like it shouldn't make sense. Who knows though, in a decade it'll probably be used as often as people use gyms now a days for that purpose. I created my blog based around some of the same principles. I use one of those mini exercise-bikes that hooks up to your computer and you peddle forward and your guy goes forward on screen, peddle backwards and he goes back. I also run a lot as well though..

Anyway, I like your blog, and would love your opinion on mine, please check it out.