Monday, September 15

Home Fitness and the Credit Crunch

As money gets tighter, exercise will get closer to home.

You can't open a paper or hit a news feed without hearing all about company collapses or a credit crunch effect of some description. In this climate it could be that exergaming is the answer to save a few pennies while making sure your long term health doesn't suffer a shortfall.

If you don't know about exergames then you should know the fitness benefits of exergames like Gamercize are roughly equivalent, hour for hour, to a moderate workout in the gym. Gamercize additionally motivates you to exercise longer through the entertainment value of video games. The indoor workout through exergames has a place in any active and healthy lifestyle.

We are all familiar with outdoor activity but now we have to bring realism in, fuel costs, less spare cash and rising prices. Heading out to the gym or even a long drive to the country is becoming less affordable. Even the thought of buying new shoes or equipment for your chosen sport or activity is a bigger consideration than last year.

Gamercize has a one-off cost that brings years of entertaining fitness through today's games to next years chart topping titles. It is starting to look like the most attractive option when budgets are tight. The cost of such home exergaming equipment is roughly the same as a couple months of gym membership or a good pair of running shoes.

As cost of traditional fitness activities becomes more of a challenge, the world of exergaming has much to offer by providing low cost, convenient workouts at home. After the slow down, when the economy picks up, exergamers will be ready to take their physical abilities back into the leisure industry.

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