Friday, September 26

Exergaming 101 - Active Gaming Explained

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Exergaming is a fitness technology to improve engagement and enjoyment of physical activity in school, gym, home or even the office.

This presentation explains the concepts and reasoning behind this emerging industry and gives practical advice for end users and providers alike.

Slide 1: exergaming 101

Slide 2: where did exergaming come from?

Slide 3: changes in play • creative physical activities • includes incidental exercise • computer and video gaming • makes play inactive

Slide 4: how does exergaming work?

Slide 5: gaming with exercise • games are fun • exercise gives fitness • exergaming is defined • addresses a problem

Slide 6: what attributes does an exergame need?

Slide 7: exergame cornerstones • engage – variety of games • access – varying abilities • sustain – changeable games • social – online multi-player

Slide 8: how can exergames be used with youngsters?

Slide 9: opportunities for phys-ed • unstructured play • structured training • exergaming competition • reward based

Slide 10: what do exergames do for the adult generation?

Slide 11: grown up exergaming • next-generation lifestyle • office based exergaming • next-generation consoles • exergaming tournaments

Slide 12: why are exergames being adopted?

Slide 13: gateway effect • increased physical ability • improved sports skill • boosted self confidence • natural progression in activity

Slide 14: reach the next level (tm)

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