Wednesday, September 24

What's New in Fitness Technology

The Major Movers Revealed!

Sports Development Week hosted the Major Moves '08 Conference from SportEX this week and the topic was using technology for fitness. The delegates were focused on the future of fitness and all presentations held a common theme - technology motivates.

The latest and newest technology was Gamercize. With a design patent of 2004 it should be understood the newness comes from the 2008 games being played with Gamercize!

In product terms, there is no beating the latest video game releases for engagement, and therefore no beating Gamercize, supporting all these titles with added exercise. The news of the conference came not from products, but from two presentations.

Dr Alasdair Thin's very active segment showed the delegates what elements need to be measured in exergame research to make the gold standard of integrity. Studies from England would benefit from these ethics before being submitted as news!

The presentation that exercised the mind was Biray Alsac's keynote on web technology and how it is invigorating fitness. Community power is certainly leading the way for motivation and the interconnectivity of various flavours of website ensures that the community is not restricted to a single implementation. Where does that sound familiar?

After the conference Alsadair and Biray put presentation into practice by jumping on the Gamercize equipment, to play the latest version of Pro Evo Soccer. This picture therefore represents the major movers in fitness technology today.

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