Monday, January 26

Making EA Sports Active on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Gamercize Pro-Sport is not just on the Nintendo Wii!

I've recently been putting up posts where Nintendo Wii is the console of choice for many customers using Gamercize (see How to Make Mario Kart Wii Fit). From the high profile marketing of this console in the health and fitness arena, it's not surprising that it's the console asked for the most.

What is more popular for the home market is the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Gamercize, and this is an important market, given the rise in home fitness demand (see Home Fitness and the credit Crunch, from way back last September). These customers are using Gamercize with their existing sports titles to keep fit.

The important (unique/patented/maverick) feature of Gamercize is that all games are supported. Step or cycle and the game plays, stop moving and so does the game. It's so simple in theory and in practice it is very effective in helping you work out longer and harder.

One of the best genres of games we use to demonstrate is sports and, with kind permission, EA Sports FIFA Soccer. Now we're looking towards NBA Live as the more international choice, and the new basis for the next World Exergaming Championship. The sports genre is very useful for demonstrating Gamercize, as it is relevant in fitness and most importantly the content is acceptable to all.

What's your favorite sports title? Do you play on Xbox 360, Ps3 or Wii? Is it offline season progression, two player mode or online gaming that keeps you playing? Lastly, if you like sports in games, on TV and on the field... are you using Gamercize while playing to improve your real life performance?! Let me know!

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Adam said...

I've been using for my in home personal training. Difference is I actually intereact with a real person over the Internet rather than a pre least this is what I believe!