Friday, March 7

Why Gamercize Works

Simply Designed for Fun

All Gamercize products have one simple concept. Keep moving or get paused out until you start moving again. It's so simple but yet it confuses some commentators!

The key behind the success and effectiveness of Gamercize is that exercise is a small part of the experience. It is true Gamercize gives the best cardio workout out of all the mainstream video game exercise options, but what really makes the Gamercize concept work is we hide that physical effort from you.

How do we hide the effort from you? We use the real stars of the video game world: the great games you buy that keep you entertained for hours! Keeping exercise simple and detached from the game you're playing means we don't ruin the game play and you will forget you are exercising and concentrate on the fun part - playing the game.

Of course the games are so very entertaining you will slow down or stop exercising, so that's when the Gamercize concept kicks in - to pause the game until you start moving again. That happens a couple of times when you first start but your body soon gets the message and exercise becomes automatic.

Simple, it does appear, is best and there's no better than Gamercize for your self-motivation in kick starting a more active lifestyle that's not hard work - but real fun!

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