Wednesday, March 12

Gamercize at the Max on TV

Shown with Wii-Fit and Nike+

Gamercize has been on BBC News on two separate occasions so far this year; Geoff Maskell reported on Gamercize in schools and Tom Hepworth featured Gamercize in gyms. For some reason the reports have not been put up on the BBC website, but our friends in Australia know how to put it all together though, after all they are in the future!

On Australian TV, technology expert Charlie Brown featured Gamercize GZ Pro-Sport for Xbox 360 alongside Wii-Fit and Nike+. The Today Show is very popular across Australia and especially in Melbourne.

Nintendo demonstrator, Jamie, starts off with Wii-Fit and I must say Charlies review is very accurate and realistic in what the balance board aims to achieve - not sensationalist as I have seen from some US and UK news sources! Jamie then jumps on the Gamercize equipment to show us how it works. Even though there is a Pro-Sport version for the Wii our Nintendo demonstrator is given the Xbox 360 version!

However, someone at the show played an even worse trick on him and set the GZ Pro-Sport to it's maximum exercise level!

Being a great sport, Jamie rises to the challenge and pumps up the pace, showing us less capable mortals Gamercize's true potential in real cardio exercise. I'm very pleased with the coverage, at last Wii-Fit and Gamercize are not put head to head in competition, but are both more accurately shown as totally different products. I'm sure Nintendo will agree.

One thing I will say though - use Gamercize and it will get you fit! Check out the TV clip from the Today Show here.

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