Wednesday, March 26

Office Desk Exercise in Practice

Energise your Workplace

One Gamercize product doesn’t involve games at all, the GZ PC-Sport is an under desk exercise stepper that connects to a PC keyboard or mouse. The patented Gamercize technology is still there, requiring exercise to keep the input device working and pausing the input as a gentle reminder to keep moving if you stop.

Taking the lead from a surprisingly large number of our corporate customers and the responsibility to provide corporate wellness, I decided to roll them out to everyone in the office. To start with I asked everyone to try it for one week. After that week they had to decide if they wanted to keep it or give it back.

The thought of getting exercise at work appealed to some as a great time saver but for others it looked like it would be too hard to do. Everyone found a time or a task that suited them to exercise at work. At the end of the week, not one person took the option of having the exercise equipment removed from under their desk. Convenience was key, the option to exercise is right at your feet the whole time!

With the first week hurdle overcome, the real test would be the three month mark. Why three? It’s the limit for most people before they hide away regular fitness equipment never to be used again or give up the gym from a resolute January start. The gaming versions of Gamercize easily pass the three month test and well beyond, but would the same be true for the PC version?

We didn’t quite make 100%, as one person decided to give it a miss after a few weeks. But for everyone else, three months on, they’re all still using it, including me. From my observation everyone seems to be working better than before and there has been a noticeable drop in the number of days off sick. Things have really started buzzing around here, there’s definitely more energy around the place, every one's happier and the work is getting done faster!

I would recommend making your office and active office. The benefits to everyone are obviously visible. There are other options for an active office other than using Gamercize, but they come with some warnings to other office bosses; setting up a multitude of cardio machines in a dedicated office gym is very expensive and off-site activities can see lunch hours taking much more than the single hour. Whilst helping the wellness of your employees, you should factor in these costs if choosing a solution other than the Gamercize PC-Sport.

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