Saturday, March 22

Workout with the Wii Virtual Console

Exercise is in every aspect of the Wii

With Gamercize for the Wii you can not only play your GameCube discs with exercise but also you can play great classic games.

I think the single biggest selling point of the Wii is it's respect of the Nintendo heritage, and the support is spelt out clearly with the Wii's Virtual Console. The Xbox 360 gave little regard to the original Xbox, but that was not so much of a problem as Microsoft had not been around in gaming long enough for people to have made a serious investment in games and accessories. The PlayStation 3, in Europe, really did drop the poor PS2 on it's head supporting very little in terms of hardware and games. Surprising when you consider the PS2 itself supported the original PlayStation well.

Nintendo support by the Wii is brilliant. GameCube games slot straight in and with the Virtual Console the classics most notably from the N64 and SNES. These games were designed when graphics capabilities were much more limited and the key for success was actual gameplay.

So how do you get a workout from the Virtual Console? They key is the compatibility with the Nintendo GameCube Controller.

You get a nice white controller with the GZ Pro-Sport for Wii package, so you are ready to go from the start.

When you look for games on the Virtual Console, look for the GameCube controller symbol and before long you can be playing Pokemon Snap, The Legend of Zelda or Mario Kart 64 at over 600 calories an hour!

You can of course use the controller for playing all the GameCube games you have either got hidden away in a cupboard or have recently purchased under new Wii/GameCube packaging.

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