Friday, December 21

Wii Players Need to Exercise

Wii Leads Sales but not Fitness

It comes as no surprise to us at Gamercize of the news today that the Wii is not the fitness breakthrough it has been portrayed as. To be fair, it is not the Wii but Wii-Fit that is intended to generate fitness benefits.

The widely reported story, here from the BBC, shows kids burning an extra 60 calories over playing the Xbox 360. That is about on a par with what we have found for an 170 lb adult. (Fitness experts know calories burnt depends on weight)

If you need more convincing, check out the VideoJug film that compares Wii, EyeToy, DDR and Gamercize. We do love the Wii, but for those seeking to use technology for fitness, there are better options. If you like dance games, Konami's DDR is a great choice and Eyetoy is also fun, but if you want to play all your games then the best choice is the only choice - Gamercize.

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gamercize @ said...

Ok, I admit it - I fell for the hype and got it wrong about Wii Fit. See this post for an explanation.