Monday, May 12

Get Fit Playing Video Games

Look into the Future of Video Games

Australia is in the future, when you are getting ready to go to sleep, they have already started work the next morning! So it's the prefect place to ask the hottest question in gaming - "Can you get fit playing video games?"

Before you answer that question you need to understand what's being asked - It's not just a question as to if you can get fit with Gamercize; if you couldn't get fit using our tried and tested cardiovascular exercise machines then someones been tinkering with the laws of biology.

The question is about absolutely everything to do with video games and fitness. Bring in Wii, Eyetoy, DDR, even enthusiastically leaping around hitting the chords in Guitar Hero. Most people will be thinking "Wii Fit" when they answer the question, so there maybe a bit of a backlash against software that goes about calling people fat as motivation for them to get fit.

I've cast my vote on Do you actually think it's possible to 'get fit' playing video games?. If you think the outcome is certain, think again - currently the vote is split right down the middle. Get your vote in at - here!

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