Saturday, May 10

Gamercize is Fit for the World

Gamercize Fitness Instructors bid for Miss England

This was one of the first images of Gamercize to hit the screens of gaming and fitness fans around the world. Before the Wii was on the shelves it was a lone task to inform the world of fitness gaming.

Anastasia's background as a personal trainer made her ideally placed to explain the serious side of Gamercize. No matter if she's talking to peers in the fitness industry or helping kids take their first steps with Gamercize at shows, she keeps a focus on the health benefits.

We did have to help out a bit with the video games, but nothing seemed to be beyond her. Now she's setting her sights higher, for the title of Miss England, from there maybe the world?

If you look at her latest picture on her Miss England event page you'll see she hasn't aged a bit! Now that's a far more credible fitness story than a certain one could mention!

Go ahead, send in a vote for our own Anastasia Harris and help her reach the next level. See the official page here.

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