Thursday, May 29

Active Gaming in Top UK Gym

Gamercize at Chamberlayne Open Day!

Active gaming was highlighted during the holiday weekend with the Gamercize Gym Pod being available for the public to use.

The gaming is provided by an Xbox 360 Elite running a multitude of games, such as soccer, skateboarding, racing and adventure games. These games are top sellers in the charts, FIFA '08 being the most popular, so have no problem getting the youngsters involved.

The exercise is supplied by mini steppers and cycles, in this case one GZ Power Stepper and one GZ Endurance Cycle. Their variable resistance gives everyone an opportunity to exercise at a rate comfortable to them, no matter what their age.

The GZ Pro-Sport, at the heart of the gym pod, makes sure the player keeps exercising while gaming. It keeps controllers connected while working out, and pauses the game if the player slacks off. This feature is an important factor in getting video games into a gym, and the players don't mind the effort because their mind is in the game and not on the exercise effort.

The open day was held by Chamberlayne Leisure Centre, one of two gyms in Southampton with Gamercize equipment. Their sister gym, St Mary's Sports Centre, has a Gamercize Gym Pod that is equipped with a PlayStation 3 for providing the entertainment. The open day was a celebration of the service and excellence of Chamberlayne, recently awarded 3rd best leisure centre out of all the UK and Ireland with the highest status of excellence. The Quest Award is highly prized by the staff and rewards a lot of hard work.

Back on the Gamercize Gym Pod, Luke (15) and Josh (13) are working hard too, playing video games and getting exercise. Luke normally prefers shoot'em'up games like Halo 3 but battles to a draw in FIFA '08 with sports fan Josh. A sudden death penalty shootout is needed to decide the winner! To the dismay of Josh, he misses the spot kick and gifts the win to Luke who is delighted to win this time!

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