Wednesday, May 21

Does Technology Promote Fitness or Fatness

Revealing Online Polls!

Last week I spotted a poll asking if you can get fit playing video games, as part of PALGNs fitness week. Although the guys down under assured me all video games formed the basis of the question it became evident that it was really just looking at interactive Yoga and Pilates. Sadly, nothing reviewed in that week was a real video game.

In their forum discussing the poll it also became apparent that pollsters where just thinking about Wii Fit. A bit of a missed opportunity I feel, and is reflected the results of the poll's results that showed a pretty even split. Personally I would have voted for the TV show "Aerobics Oz Style" as the best motivator for fitness in this non-video game arena, but that wasn't an opinion on the list. If you have ever watched the show - it makes you want to get into better shape, fast!

A more promising poll can be found on Gizmodo, from Sean Fallon who is a personal trainer as well as a self confessed gadget fan. The poll asks if gadgets are to blame for getting fat, or can be used for getting fit. Wii Fit and the PC version of Gamercize are mentioned as examples. Personally Sean didn't like the Gamercize PC-Sport he reviewed, but gave an informative and fair review none the less. Maybe the review would be different if Sean were just starting out with getting fit (or perhaps if he had a better desk!)?

Also mentioned in the poll is Wii Fit, the name that's opening the eyes of the world to exergaming. The Gizmodo review is probably the best review on the web. Brian Lam has done a very good review without false hope or being unrealistic. From Brian's introduction he is the right sort of person to review such a device.

Instead of claiming you never have to go to the gym or watch what you eat ever again, he puts the device in perspective - "Wii Fit builds fitness consciousness, reminding us of our body's state of being, chiding us for bad habits while encouraging the good." I think that's sound advice.

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