Thursday, January 7

Why You Should Not Go to the Gym in January

And how to avoid becoming a fitness fool!

This time of year is the absolutely worst time to go to the gym. All through the winter your gym was your gym. You could use any of the equipment, find a parking space, meet up with pals. But not this month. Oh no, the wrecking ball of newbie fitness members is here.

You know they type, they come on board with a 12 month membership, but chances are by March you'll never see them again. They try to go from years on the sofa to 110% effort in 1 hour, they clog up the machines, they take the staff's time up, the mess up the weights. You know the type.

So what do you do instead? Forget about it. Leave the gym alone for a month or two. "How do I keep fit with this appalling weather, risking injuries that'll put me out for months?" I hear you say. Exergaming, that's how. It's video games with a fitness twist, and yes, you may have heard of Wii Fit, but what I'm asking you to look at is something a bit more focused to the trained eye.

Wii Fit is a poor substitute for the gym, there's little or no exercise element, unlike the gym it's a solitary experience that'll leave you bored and frustrated. If you know exercise then you need to look at the Gamercize Family Fit. Why? Because it's a proper exercise machine. The recumbent cycle has magnetic resistance, so it's a smooth and powerful as a your cardio bikes in the fitness studio. What's more it also doubles as a full sized rowing machine, with a useful feature to avoid injury - a back rest.

Even more than it's outstanding fitness qualities; it is an exergame, working with the latest releases and the all time favorites alike. So long as your mind is in the game, your body is in the workout zone. Don't stop exercising or the game will pause to remind you to keep moving.

If you have tried Wii Fit or Wii Fit Plus and found it a little on the undemanding side for entertainment, then the Gamercize Family Fit can tempt you with real games. Modern Warfare 2 to your liking? Maybe Forza 3 then, or Mario Kart Wii? Try Uncharted 2, Ratchet and Clank, Mirror's Edge, Tekken 2, Mass Effect 2 - in fact, any one of thousands of previously sedentary games out there on the Xbox 360, Wii or PlayStation 3.
See you back in the gym in March, and when you just don't have the time to make it, there's always your Gamercize Family Fit at home!

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Exergamer said...

What I often hear from 'older gamers' is that the Wii reintroduced them to gaming and made it 'okay' to play. What your method does is allow people to acively improve their fitness level AND also make it 'okay to play'. These people may have little to no experience with gaming in the past and this may allow them to enter the fun world of gaming without any guilt ("I'm training and play, how cool is that") The game and the fitness component are complimentary, the essence of exergaming. A new age for fitness geeks to become 'fit' gaming geeks :)