Friday, January 1

The Best 2010 New Year Fitness Resolution - Refund the Wii Fit

Enough of the hype, let's get fit with exergaming!

Gamercize is offering free virtual gym membership and mail-in rebates with its range of active gaming products in exchange for unwanted Wii Fit discs. Gamercize makes New Years fitness and weight loss resolutions more achievable.

Gamers who want to get fit but found Wii Fit lacking in enjoyment or exertion can take advantage of this offer to experience exergaming with Gamercize. Trading in your Wii Fit discs will entitle you to a mail-in rebate worth up to $150/70GBP. To help with New Year Resolutions to lose weight and improve fitness, Gamercize is also offering a full 3 month virtual gym membership of their GZ Personal Trainer programme free.

Patented Gamercize interaction is non-intrusive by allowing normal game play while working out on a range of fitness machines, pausing the player from the game if they stop. The minimal interaction allows players to have their mind in the game while their body is in the workout. Gamercize works with every sedentary game, ensuring it never gets boring. In tests Gamercize equipment has been proven six times more engaging than exercise alternatives and four times more energetic than Wii.

"I can attest first hand to the positive impact that this product has on children, teens and adults after seeing so many of our locations having huge success with it. Recently our Exergame Fitness advisory board member Dr. Stephen Yang of SUNY Cortland demonstrated the full potential of Gamercize. Stephen had an entire gym class consisting of future PE Teachers that were playing Gamercize tournaments using the NBA Basketball Xbox game. It was great to see the social aspect of the product and hear the praise from students." adds Tommy Seilheimer, CEO of Exergame Fitness USA.

The GZ Personal Trainer software included in this offer is accessed via the internet or 3G mobile phone. The membership software provides a link to real fitness professionals who help motivate while tracking your calorie burn and progress against key health indicators towards your goals.

From January 1st the full Gamercize range of active gaming products, including the GZ Power Stepper, GZ Endurance Cycle, GZ Family Fit 3 in 1 recumbent cycle and rower and the GZ PC-Sport under desk stepper, will carry a 10% mail-in rebate plus 3 months GZ Personal Trainer membership in exchange for unwanted Wii Fit discs.

"Time and time again I hear of exergaming falling short of the mark in research studies and personal experiences, all due to expectations having been set far higher than the best known product can deliver. Since 2006 Gamercize, by contrast, has continually stepped up and faced the challenging demands of the consumer, delivered and never disappointed. This offer is designed to help people rediscover active gaming, but this time with genuine fitness and honest game play enjoyment." says Gamercize CEO, Richard Coshott.

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I wanted to let you know that I have written an article to be published next month on Exer-gaming. It focuses on Wii fit, virtual cycling and other exer-gaming ventures.
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