Saturday, January 16

Get Your Bike On! ExerGaming Bike Bonanza Round-Up

Exergaming Bikes

Do you realise there's 15 implementations of exercise cycles that connect to a console, PC or the internet? There's some pretty poor implementations, but quailty aside, this is a post of quantity!

Fitness cycles are found in the gym, traditional cycling is used in government health promotion and is never questioned as a cardio workout. There's distinct categories within the 16 products.

1. Speed Mediated Gaming - The faster you pedal the faster your car/cycle/monster truck etc goes on screen. Most products are in this category, and most implementations are for PS2. Due to licencing restrictions, digital next gen bike controllers are limited to home brew versions.

2. Movement Mediated Gaming - Play any game, so long as you are exercising. Stop exercising and the game play is paused. Patented Gamercize interaction products, working with all the next generation consoles and PC.

3. Non-Movement Mediated Gaming - Not actually connected in any way to a game, similar to Movement Mediated Gaming, but if you stop pedalling there's no reminder to get moving again. You have to bring your own motivation along because there's no incentive to keep moving.

4. Bike Simulator/Trainer - The exercise is a bike, and so is the game. Involves some of the internet connected machines and a popular gym addition. I prefer the outdoor challenge, but the racing aspect gives a reason to make a great activity electronic.

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Stephen Yang said...

Thanks for the sending this out. Have you started you Whuffie account yet? I've been up since 5:30 b/c little one thinks its time to play. Made corrections and some small edits. Let me know if I need to add anything.

gamercize @ said...

It's a great post and roundup Stephen! I have put this up on LinkedIn too ... or I should add to give it it's less known name!

Exergamer said...

Well done Stephen, great round up. Lots of great blogs coming our way lately from the YangMeister :)
Perhaps this roundup would be a great cut n paste addition to the wiki as well?