Thursday, March 12

Wake up call for Change4Life

Anti-Video Game Campaign Unfairly Targets Industry

If you are going to spend millions of pounds in a massive awareness campign, you are bound to make a few mistakes. Websites, posters and radio adverts from Change4Life have labelled video gaming as a bad thing for your health. What about Gamercize, Wii, Eyetoy and DDR? It's unfair to depict gaming as a bad thing, there's even an organisation called Games For Health set up to facilitate the health and fitness promotion of gaming.

Lots of top companies have complained, but there seems no sign of recognition from the campaign that it got some facts wrong. This is taking away from the main message of Change4Life, which is to eat better and move more to improve health. If the words and letters are falling on deaf ears, let's explain it with pictures...

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