Wednesday, March 4

The Fitness Crunch

The unhealthy lack of time and money.

A typical family of Londoners, following government physical activity guidelines, will pay £4,476 (approx $7,500) per year in travel, fees and equipment to stay healthy according to research on behalf of the company. While going to the park, being active outdoors, is free (apart from travel costs) it would take a fair amount of dedication to meet the guidelines 7 days a week for life with the same activity, so gym, cycling, swimming, fitness classes have all be factored in.

Even if a family had the cash to spare to do all this, the plans would stumble at the lack of free time available. These days we are all working long and getting stuck with longer commutes to and from work. Add in the factor that getting home from work is greeted with the lure of video games and TV and it looks pretty much like we have a "Fitness Crunch" - lack of time and money to be active.

The good news is there is high-tech help available

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