Tuesday, June 3

Reach the Next Level (tm)

Gamercize Company Tagline Explained!

"Reach the Next Level" doesn't say much to the casual observer, so why did we go to the trouble of trademarking, adopting it and splashing it all over the gamercize.net website?
We could have chosen anything to sum up Gamercize in one line but the options tended to either fitness biased or games biased. I think with "Reach the Next Level" we cover both the fitness and gaming aspects, making the decision of what the line means up to the reader.
So I can't explain what "Reach the Next Level" will mean to you but I know what it means for me. To me it means completing levels in a video game and unlocking the next stage, it also means attaining a level of fitness or weight loss that has been a goal and becomes reality, I see it as meaning a wide embrace of next generation games consoles and fitness innovation.
There are many taglines saying "The next level of... something or other", like "the next level of brain training", but have you noticed how none of these say you can actually Reach that level? I think that's the main reason why our tagline suits Gamercize so well.
As for our company logo... I have no idea what that means!

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