Friday, June 20

Exergaming Values

The Four Cornerstones of Active Gaming

During the last four years I have experienced active video gaming, commonly called exergaming, first hand as the founder and CEO of Gamercize.

There are two core aspects of exergaming, namely video gaming and exercise. The games provide the fun and the exercise provides the fitness. Many exergames did not balance fun and fitness so have come and gone.

Seeing this industry grow I have come to understand the four main principles that surround a successful exergame product like Gamercize. We have hit the magic formula and found the perfect balance by common sense and design from experience. This is what I have discovered.

1. Exergaming must be appeal to anyone.

Gamercize works with all video games taking advantage of the massive variety of games to gain universal appeal. Read more here.

2. Exergaming must be affordable for home use.
The entry level Gamercize machine is the least expensive product on the market at the same cost of two games. Read more here.

3. Exergaming must be easy to use for everyone.

Gamercize allows people of different abilities to compete and play together to make exergaming social not solitary. Read more here.

4. Exergaming must be fun to get fitness benefits.
Gamercize supports games that have not yet been released, making it part of the games console rather than a throw away fad. Read more here.

The future is bright for exergaming, and so as long as heavyweights keep public awareness high with their latest attempts to match our level of achievement in the four cornerstone principles - the future is very bright for Gamercize.

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