Wednesday, June 25

Gaming and Exercise Join for Gamercize Olympics

Get Involved with the Live Tournament on the Net!

Next week we will be running the first ever console exergaming tournament between school children in the States and here, in the UK. We’ll be using Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 over Xbox LIVE with our very own Gamercize Pro-Sport providing the exercise element.

The Team UK is based out of a school in Derby, England and Team USA comprises of pupils from Green Valley, California. Due to the time zone differences the US team will be kicking off at 8am PST which makes it just after the school bell in the UK.

Microsoft, the console manufacturer, and Konami, the game publisher, have both wished us good luck – which we’ll need considering the technology involved in live TV, online blogging, US/UK feeds, live webcasting and playing the games over the net!

The teams will introduce themselves to each other later this week by videos on YouTube, as this international sports competition will be the first where the competitors don’t actually meet face to face! Maybe this eco-friendly way of competing with a minimal carbon footprint is how the Olympic Games will be run in the future? I wonder!

Here’s how you can get involved and give your support to the two teams. Follow them on twitter – Find the UK Team at and the US team at Don’t expect much response from them now, as they are practicing hard!

You can also join up to the Gamercize Facebook page at where you can select to attend the UK or US supporters event page which has pictures, videos, links and behind the scenes content added daily.

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