Thursday, January 10

Gamercize on the Dark Side

Forever burn your calories it will

Gamercize has been mentioned a little bit in on the web, in magazines and newspapers since the launch of the desk based GZ PC-Sport.
Reactions from customers are obviously the most important, after all it was listening to what our customers wanted that created the product.
It is nice to hear of the accolades given to the product. Making it into PC Magazine's "10 Great Gadgets to Stay Fit" made everyone here happy, as did getting into Bella magazine's Slim club with "What's Hot for 2008".
My personal favorite is the Most Evil Gadget award from the Globe and Mail, given out in their 2007 Office Awards. I hadn't been told about this until a couple of days ago here, so couldn't attend the award ceremony to pick up the silverware. I'm sure it's in the mail.
Although quite amusing to be branded evil, no one should really fear exercise in any form. Sorry if we scared anyone! Now, if only we could get Lord Vader for a product endorsement then our journey to the dark side would be complete...

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