Monday, January 21

Gamercize Goes to School

Children Vote for Exercise

Last week Derbyshire Sport invited us to a local school to find out a bit more about Gamercize.
Well over a hundred children had the chance to play on GameCubes and PlayStations linking through the GZ Sport to Power Steppers and Endurance Cycles.
After the kids had clocked up a combined 89 miles and over 200,000 steps, they were asked to vote if they thought Gamercize was Great :) , OK : or Rubbish :(
Even after the effort of exercising, 123 out of the 129 voted Gamercize "Great". 5 Said it was "OK" and just one didn't like it.
Some children preferred Mario Double Dash, some Mario Smash Football and some Lego Star Wars. The point being there was something for everyone. What is there to learn from this? If you want children to do extra exercise, make it fun, interesting and give them choice. 95% Of children can't be wrong; Gamercize is Great!

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