Wednesday, November 28

My Fitness using Gamercize

Getting Fit Again

Last week I was invited for a live interview on BBC Radio. Set for half past ten on a Monday morning there was little time to get stage fright, as the regular meeting on the weekends news, comments and orders lasted until well after 10am.
I was a little surprised with the lack of briefing by the producer, but as a live show the style should be less rigid and more spontaneous.
My personal experiences with Gamercize tended to dominate the questions rather than the products themselves. So rather than post a transcript of the radio show, I thought I would post my personal progress instead.
A year ago I was unfit and unhealthy. I no longer played soccer and only visited the gym for the three weeks after Christmas. Having the time and the motivation to keep fit was difficult, and the odd game of squash just proved how unfit I was. If I took my mountain bike out for a cross country ride, I was back indoors, out of breath 15mins later.
The picture above is of my current health indicators, taken from my GZ Personal Trainer account. Still work to do, but I'm pretty proud of what I have achieved and the outlook is so much better than this time last year. I have lost 38lbs (that is well over two and a half stone in old money) and lost 8" off my waist measurement. After spending a whole evening throwing out now over sized clothes I ended up with very little left to wear and lots of wardrobe space!
My fitness has improved remarkably too. I can now carry my golf bag over 18 holes on a hilly course rather than hire an electric buggy, and when I go out for a ride on my mountain bike, I will return 3 hours later having explored the countryside without getting tiered and having to stop every couple of miles. A lot of people would not class this as extra ordinary and they would be right, but a year ago I would not have thought these things possible for me.
I use a GZ Sport for playing games on PS2 with my kids, I use the GZ Pro-Sport for Xbox 360 and playing online and I use the GZ PC-Sport while writing this blog and browsing the Internet. All of this extra exercise, from previously lazy activities, has helped my burn extra calories each day and maintain motivation by the subtle art of distraction. I have not had to change diet or lifestyle, in fact my lifestyle has become more healthy naturally as my abilities have improved.
I know from the comments sent in to the Gamercize website that I am not alone in reaching a level of fitness and health previously undreamed of. So if we can do it, then so can you!

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