Thursday, November 15

Getting the Perfect Beach Body

Losing Weight with Gamercize

A lot of customers write in telling us how pleased they are with Gamercize, you can read some of these comments on the official website, but only a fraction of the notes we receive are published. I look forward to my morning email with the previous day’s comments, and I make time to read each and every one. The general theme is weight loss and improved motivation, but it is the personal stories that are most enlightening and encouraging.

One lady wrote in this week, with a story which I think is quite special, and I have been allowed to share it here.

“Dear Gamercize
I am a proud mother of three leading a very hectic life with little time to myself. Running a busy household I hardly ever get time to go to the local gym feeling too tiered to go when I did get the time. Over the years my weight has slowly crept up with the washer getting blamed for shrinking my clothes that didn’t fit as well as they did last year!

My weight was not helped by my children always asking me to play the playstation when I could have been using my aerobics DVD instead. I did find a few of their games enjoyable and was surprised to hear of the idea of gamercize while looking on the internet for a new playstation game. It sounded too good to be true but I had to give it a try. I have had my gamercize stepper for two months now and am very pleased it does work!

At the doctors in October I was weighed coming out at 11st. That was horrifying for me but today I have come back having been weighed at 9st 9lbs! The very best part is that I am going to Mauritius in two weeks time for my first relaxing break in eight years. I would have been self conscious and not fully enjoyed myself without losing all the weight I lost using gamercize. I have told all my friends and family about it and want to thank you very very much for helping me lose the weight to make my holiday more enjoyable”

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