Tuesday, August 10

Is there a Ninja in your Exergame?

Active Gaming without the Game?

The defining attribute of Exergaming or Active Gaming is..? (did you spot the clue in the question!)

That's right - THE GAME!! It's the bit that takes your mind off exercising and makes the active experience actually enjoyable. The key interaction is to make the exercise disappear - stealth exercise if you like. Maybe even the interaction is so stealthy it could be the Ninja in your exergame!

The great advantage of exergaming, and Gamercize in particular, is the end result of burning calories and being active. How this magic works is not really important - that it does is important!

Over analysing exergame products is not a task for the inexperienced or flippant, so if you really want to see the nuts and bolts, go to The Exergame Network (TEN) and see how they break it down.

The results of a product or service are far more important than the intricate detail. You don't need to understand how an auto mechanic fixes your car, just that it's running again! Physical Education has an opportunity to get out of semantics and roll out results with the new initiative from the US government - Let's Move campaign.

I hope that exergaming is taken seriously as an intervention for PE and the initiative to reclaim activity for the people. There is support in many areas, not just Ninjas, as you can see on the RWJF forum on Physical Activity in School.


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This technology is really a big help for PE teacher but not only teacher also the student, no need for them to go to a gym.This technology is similar to the Dance revolution game in Playstation.