Saturday, August 28

Gamercize Pro-Sport - The most Flexible of Exergames

One Product - Many Applications

The Gamercize Pro-Sport is easily the most adaptable and flexible exergame with the bonus of being genuine cardio. The standard Xbox 360 Pro-Sport model (see comes complete with a game controller and Gamercize Power Stepper.

The most obvious way to use this product is plug into the Xbox and burn calories while playing any Xbox game, just keep moving on the Power Stepper to keep the controller active. Stop the steps and Gamercize pauses the game. Simple and effective to use video games to take your mind off the exercise effort.

There are thousands of titles available to use, but add into that Gamercize works online and with Xbox Marketplace applications. There's no end to the engagement of Gamercize and no shortage of choices for any style of gaming from casual arcade games to hardcore online first person gaming.

You want more? You got it! You can also use the same product (Xbox variant) with your laptop or your desktop PC. Plug the supplied controller into the USB port on your computer and play Windows games! Standing stepping while playing is the best for calorie burn, but wait, there's more!

Use a chair and sit while stepping at your computer desk. The calorie burn goes down, but this is a great way to start exercise if you're overweight or out of condition. Want more options? Ok, remove the step stops (see pic) on the Power Stepper for a more advanced workout in the chair or standing. Now the movement of the stepper will extend the range of motion for the legs and calfs.

Need more applications? Unplug the game controller and plug your USB mouse into the Gamercize Pro-Sport. Now you have a motion enabled mouse, keep moving to keep the cursor on the screen. This is great for surfing the web or playing games like World of Warcraft! Lastly, you can workout with work - plug your USB keyboard into the Gamercize Pro-Sport instead, and you step and type your way to a fitter future!

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