Friday, April 30

Gamercize Spin Trainer - Exergaming for Adults

Active Gaming is no longer just for kids!

With the average gamer age in the thirties and sophisticated online high definition blockbusters titles, the adults get their fair share of screen time too. Time pressed adults can now take advantage of gym quality exercise while they game, with the new Gamercize Spin Trainer.

The Gamercize Spin Trainer brings hard core exercise and hard core gaming together for the first time. The commercial grade active gaming bike is no pint sized plastic wannabe, the sturdy all metal construction is built to last as long as the appeal of gaming itself.

Reliability is assured thanks to the unique patented Gamercize design that uses only exercise motion detection, to enable or disable the player’s game controller. So long as the player is exercising, the game play is as compelling and engaging as the developer intended allowing any game to be an “exergame”.

Standard trim is available in red or blue, with a limited edition black version available for all preferences. In detail the 13kg cast iron spin disc provides a gym quality workout and the four adjustable feet enhance the perfectly solid feel. Forearm rests are provided for a racing stance to active gaming, or the GZ Spin Trainer can be used at a more leisurely pace sitting upright.

Smooth continuous exercise allows all the latest High Definition games to be played with ease on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC. All existing games are compatible and every new game purchase brings new motivation to be fitter and burn calories.

Gamercize is the workout that never gets boring, thanks to the high quality of the thousands of games that are supported, representing unrivaled flexibility and value for money. Order your Gamercize Spin Trainer from all good exergaming outlets or direct ( from Monday.

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