Thursday, April 1

Gamercize announces "iPedals" - Get fit while driving to work. (Press Release)

International active gaming company Gamercize, today announces the keep fit gadget to revolutionize the way people keep in shape - iPedals. The new product, iPedals, uses patented Gamercize technology to turn any family car into a gym on the go.

The concept of iPedals (priced at $299**) allows the driver to operate the vehicle only while pedalling on the high quality mini cycle installed into the driver foot well. Conventional foot controls of the vehicle are moved to "race car" style paddles on the steering wheel. So long as the driver is exercising, the throttle, brakes and steering remain connected. Stopping exercise disconnects the cars controls, reminding the user to keep moving to maintain control.

The patented concept has already proven successful with Gamercize next generation gaming and office exercise products. The new iPedals device, known as "auto-cising", has been studied by the Royal Darwin Society in London, England, over the last 3 months, clocking up a total of 28,000 test miles. "We can confirm that iPedals have performed faultlessly in all our tests that include urban, freeway and a significant portion of off-road driving.

To have to keep exercising to control the vehicle is a brilliant idea, which we endorse fully. We have found that most people have no problem maintain control of the vehicle while at highway speeds, but those that are particularly unfit soon stop exercising. The iPedals device conforms to the strongest beliefs of our Society and we believe it's a winner for the human race." said Professor Macadamia.

The new iPedals will be available to install to existing cars, left or right hand drive, from October this year at all good auto stores. One major car manufacturer has incorporated the design as an option into its 2011 model year range, and more are in negotiations.
"I see iPedals as the future to solve the obesity crisis. It's the natural selection for governments, health authorities and insurance companies who are struggling with the rising costs of unhealthy, unfit people.

The device is perfectly legal and safe from litigation, thanks to a loophole in the law for hand controlled automobiles that we have discovered. We have seen a strong interest in the technology, including a driver and passenger installation, with the passenger's iPedals allowing changing of radio station or volume only while exercising." Said the company spokesperson.

* iPedals can only be used in conjunction with a full legal disclaimer and the weight loss examples quoted can only be achieved with a cabbage soup diet.

** iPedals $299 requires fitting kit available separately from $7,499

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Anonymous said...

You must understand this is a joke, for those special people in the exergaming community, please read the whole thing and think about how unreal this device is.