Thursday, February 14


Gamercize's Wii Power Up

Kids around the world have worked out that you don't have to leap around and wave your arms about to get the Wii working. My two kids are no exception. They sit on the couch and just flick the Wii-mote to play the games. So much for a Wii workout!

The awaited Wii-Fit is a genuine exercise option, but I think this will appeal to the parents who are used to DVD workouts much more than their kids. I think both Wii games and Wii-Fit are excellent products for the market, but there is the huge gap in between Wii-mote fun and Wii-Fit exercise. Gamercize fits in this gap without taking anything away from Wii-Fit or Wii games.

A fair number of families who have a Wii also have a Gamecube, or have since bought low cost Gamecube games that take advantage of the other half of the Wii's capabilities. The trick that Sony missed in turning 100 million PS2 users into PS3 users was not lost on Nintendo, the Wii fully supports these excellent 1 - 4 player Gamecube games.

If you have super co-ordination you can use the GZ Power Stepper with your Wii-mote, but we prefer using it with the Gamecube compatible games. The fitness boost from using the Gamercize stepper is very good. Even without cheating the Wii-mote, the best you can expect is around 180 calories per hour from Wii-Sports. This figure has been confirmed by two studies plus the research done by Gamercize. Playing Wii with the Gamercize stepper powers up the fitness benefits to over 650 calories per hour!

If the aim of exergaming is to have some fun playing games while getting some exercise, then the Gamercize route is a pretty good way to go. They do tend to play the Gamecube games more often, but if I catch my kids playing the "Wii-Lazy" way again, then I'll hide those Wii-motes!

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