Sunday, February 3

Racing Game Exercise

Get Fit with PGR4 Anyone?

Racing games are relatively popular; some 10-15% of games sold are racing games. PGR4 and Forza 2 are a couple of the most recent games I have played.

PGR4 is outstanding, because it opens up the tracks to motorcycles. I have done a lot of road racing on track, and also a few track and test days. Here I'm taking my road bike out, wearing the right gear in case of a spill!

Racing video games are less dangerous, but can also be as physically demanding as a real twenty lap full-on race, with the use of an exercise bike for control. Most people expect the physical effort of these video game racing bikes to be reflected in the speed of the vehicle.

While this is true for all other systems you may see, it is not true for Gamercize. Is this a mistake? No mistake, there are many real advantages.
Firstly, physical effort should not be dictated by a computer. It is dangerous to over-exert, particularly if you have not reached your optimum level of fitness. Playing racing games with Gamercize you will automatically step or cycle faster in a sympathetic encouragement with your on screen self. The important fact is that you do not have to, you control your own pace.
Secondly, the effort needed to win the game is not linked with physical ability. It seems a little unfair to punish or demotivate people with less fitness than others. Gamercize lets everyone have a fair chance of winning, for all ages and all abilities. How else would teachers and parents be able to play fitness video games with the kids on a level field?
Thirdly, as only 10-15% of video games are racing based, it does seem to me to be a waste of money to buy equipment that will only be used occasionally. Not to mention the inconvenience of having to swap over from exercise to controllers when changing games. Gamercize works with all games, racing or otherwise.
Lastly, and maybe most importantly for dedicated racing addicts, the control with Gamercize is exactly as the game developer intended - precise and flexible. Some exercise racing bikes have almost an on/off throttle response. This doesn't work well as you try and feed the power in progressively coming out of a corner!

Now if you have been racing at all before, you'll know smooth is fast, so maybe Gamercize is better racing game exercise than those systems designed for racing games? Car or bike, we'll take them on, and let's see who wins!

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