Tuesday, September 11


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Video games are the best form of entertainment technology can offer, but they are not exactly the most popular with every single member of the family. What can be done about that? How can hours of gaming be accepted by everyone? Using games to get fit is one answer that works.

It does not matter if you are using a racing controller or the very latest GZ Pro-Sport, it's all good. It is a fact gaming is related to weight and fitness, not for everyone but for most. Prove it? Ok, Utah has the leanest kids in the USA and ranks least for gameplay, D.C. has the heaviest kids and ranks tops for time on video games out of all the states.

Add exercise to video games and you get a workout that you hardly notice, no interference with gameplay, and after a while the exercise becomes effortless. I know this because I have done it and lost 35 lbs without dieting in the process and played a load of great games on X360 and PS2.

So what's next? Gears of War 2 is something we're looking forward to, but for now MOH Airborne and Blue Dragon are sitting in top spot.

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shadaik said...

You might like to know that I just restarted my German website on the same topic (though slightly broader in focus), found at www.sporle.de