Friday, September 21

It's Time to Change the Game

Which is more important - Games or Exercise?

The combination of video games and exercise is undoubtedly the most exciting concept since the first generation of consoles with interchangeable games.

Video games started as dedicated hardware systems with a set number of games, but the real revolution started when cartridge, and later CD, based systems allowed gamers to choose what they play. Game publishers have created a rich and diverse selection of titles to appeal to all tastes.

Now we have exergames, the combination we have been waiting for, to turn our beloved pastime into a healthy sport. But beware... if the novelty wears off all that is left is another piece of fitness equipment to sit next to the unused exercise bike in the garage. Appeal must be kept fresh with the ability to play new games.

How long an exergame keeps the player engaged is a measure of the fitness benefit and the value. So, take one class of 30 or so school kids, give them ten minutes on interchangeable game equipment (Gamercize of course!) and give them ten minutes on a bike with in-built games. Surely the kids will love both and vote equal favourites?

No. Even after just ten minutes use the kids voted Gamercize 2:1 over the bike with the in-built games. It shows kids are a lot smarter than a lot of people give them credit for, listen to them! When it comes to exergames - the game is more important for enjoyment and the exercise is the fitness benefit.

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