Sunday, October 30

Making a Splash in the World of Exergaming!

a.k.a. the big (belly) flop!

I have been in the world of exergaming for a few years, and seen some "Big Splashes" on in the industry. Pretty much every single one of these has been quickly followed by the inevitable "sinking like a stone" without trace.

On the products side does anyone remember BodyPad? No? Let's try something more mainstream then, Fitbit, Nintendo's Vitality Sensor, Big Ben Cyberbike? All of these products have had a big money launches, lots of people jumping on the bandwagon in supporting the hype, but all have been forgotten as quickly as they were announced.

There are also consumer targeted games, mostly on the Wii platform, that have made the headlines, but failed to leave a subscript in the world of exergaming. In fact there are too many of these titles to mention, they come and go too often.

I must stand in defense of exergaming - these are not failed attempts at exergaming - these failed products represent failed attempts to make a quick buck. They miss the point; exergaming is all about sustainability, all about delivering the goods not the hype and everything to do with making a difference not a focus on making a steal.

Although it is disappointing to see this "easy and cheap" attitude, it does go to show that exergaming has a profile that's now being noticed by very many, and this in itself tells me that exergaming is here to stay! There are many examples of products and people that are genuine, put the effort in and have real worth. The world of exergaming is getting bigger and I'll not say "wait to see what comes next"; rather "wait to see what we can do more!".

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