Friday, January 28

Gamercize in Active Gaming Schools

Welcome to Westminster Primary School, the first of five schools in a three year Westminster pilot study. This school is equipped with the Gamercize Kids-Sport for ages seven to eleven. When the kids are stepping their controller lights up and they can play normal video games, if they stop exercise the controller is disabled and the game pauses. They have to start stepping again to play. This is great visual feedback of the Gamercize interaction that keeps kids moving!

We are now at Westminster Academy in London, the second school of the Westminster Project, for the older children aged eleven to sixteen. We are looking at the positive effects Gamercize has on engaging the children in exercise to provide not only physical activity minutes, but to also improve learning and skill development. The equipment being used here is the award winning Gamercize Pro-Sport. These children are using their Gamercize Power Steppers to keep the controllers lit, so they can play great games on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

There is a wide variety of age-appropriate games for the kids to use and keep them entertained while they meet health, fitness and cognitive objectives. Student mentors help get the younger kids started, but the appeal of Gamercize is wide enough, even the teachers are immersed in active gaming.

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