Saturday, December 18

Active Gaming is a Glowing Success in School

Gamercize Nominated for PE in The Exergame Network Awards

PE In London took a step forwards with the start of the Gamercize pilot in Westminster schools. A primary and secondary school in the first year of the project cover the age range of 5 years old up to 16 years old children.
The project is measuring health, social and fitness benefits from the application and integration of the Gamercize technology in the form of after school clubs, curriculum boosted learning and PE classes.

With the introduction of PDP Afterglow controllers with Gamercize on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 the project is all set for engaging kids for the long run. Kids love this new twist to active game play!
The start of the project is just one of three good news stories for Gamercize this month. Gamercize has been nominated in four categories in The Exergame Network Awards 2010. These are;
#2 Best Physical Education Exergame with Gamercize Sport for Wii
#9 Best Group Exergame with Gamercize Pro-Sport with Xbox LIVE
#11 Best "Head-to-Head" Competition Exergame with Gamercize Pro-Sport for Xbox 360
#12 Best Brain Exergame with Gamercize PC-Sport
You can vote for these at, and also vote for the hottest category "Best Home Exergame 2010" that has the nominations including Microsoft Kinect Sports, PlayStation Move (Start the Party), Wii Sports Resort, EA Sports Active 2 and Ubisoft's Just Dance for Wii.
The final great news this month is results from research carried out at Coventry University that shows (in unstructured free play) that Gamercize is comparable in terms of activity and engagement to kids active play in recess.
Why is this great news? The study was first run with Nintendo Wii that could only sustain interest and activity for the first week of six, while Gamercize was sustainable for the entire six week study period.

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