Tuesday, June 15

Exergaming, the Physically Active Gaming is the E3 Expo Winner

Game On Gamercize!

The E3 Expo in LA from June 15-17 2010 with all the special pre and post events throws physical activity into the mix.

We've seen the Microsoft entry into Nintendo's blue oceans getting a name; no longer Project Natal - enter Microsoft Kinect, and collection of 7 games. Think of this as the next generation Sony EyeToy.

Sony have gone with a hybrid approach, first waggled at the Games for Health Conference last month, PlayStation Move. Think of this as Wii-motes but with positional tracking by a camera.

Nintendo offer up the Vitality Sensor, which measures pulse and heart rate, presumably to monitor if you fall asleep playing and prompt you to wake up? Think of this as another way to make money for the Japanese giant.

Microsoft vs Sony vs Nintendo - but who wins the physical challenge? Actually none of these, it's Gamercize that wins. Announced at the E3 Expo are awesome new games for Wii, PS3 and Xbox that are compatible with the most effective console exergaming device - Gamercize Pro-Sport.

Games expected and announced at the E3 Expo that can be used with Gamercize include:
Gears of War 3 - four player co-op
Halo Reach - new spaceship combat
Fable 3
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
New cross platform Medal of Honor (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)
Madden NFL - new Game Flow engine
Crysis 2 - Full 3D just like Avatar!
Assassins Creed (3) Brotherhood
Rayman Origins - Classic gameplay
Call of Duty : Black Ops
Castlevania : Lords of Shdow
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Solider
Metal Gear Solid : Rising
Gran Turismo 5 (finally, can it be??)
Killzone 3
Dead Space 2 (rather scary)
Portal 2 - with co-op play
The Last Guardian
Legend of Zelda (subject to controller)
Star Wars : The Old Replublic
For videos and more go to GameTrailers or E3-GameSpot

Given the choice between games muddled with motion sensing or capture and an honest workout with great game play, it's clear Gamercize is the big winner at the E3 Expo.

One final thought is will Sony and Microsoft be gaining American Heart Association logos? Well, the answer is a definitive NO! This is because Nintendo saw these up and coming releases and pre-empted this by sealing Wii exclusivity into the deal! Smart move by Nintendo, but maybe its the opportunity for Sony and Microsoft to look at more credible relationships - like The Exergame Network (TEN)?

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