Monday, December 7

Position Vacant - Exergame Evangelist

So you want to be an Exergamer?

Many people claim to be in the position of professing the future of enjoyable exercise through video games, but it takes a certain metal to make the grade. If you think you have what it takes, read on...

You know there's more than one exergame on the planet (Yes, bore me with your "I read some bog posts" knowledge of Wii Fit somewhere else), you don't spam listserves or LinkedIn groups with mindless links or piggybacks no one cares to read or reply to? Well, maybe you can join ... the Exergaming Evangelists! Here's the job:


Follow in the footsteps of the Chief Exergame Evangelist and promote a form of physical activity that is the 21st century answer to inactivity and obesity.

Experience Required : You need to have delivered exergaming first hand to lots and lots (and lots) of people, and seen the realization in their eyes that fitness means fun, not pain.

Debating skills : You must be able to appreciate the viewpoints but firmly be able to counter the following arguments (using your own experience, research findings or yourself and others and first hand comments from users you have intorduced to exergaming):

1. Exergaming is not as much exercise as sport
2. Exergaming is not good enough to be MPVA
3. Exergaming is a fad and won't be used long enough
4. Exergaming is not social
5. Exergaming promotes those bad video games
6. Exergaming is too heavily branded - doesn't fit in with unbranded PE
7. Exergaming is keeping kids indoors when they should be outside
8. Exergaming is too hard to integrate in PE
9. Exergaming is unreliable and breaks down
10. Exergaming costs too much to buy and support
11. Exergaming doesn't include monitoring
12. Exergaming is a commercial solution that cannot be recommended by by non-profit/government
13. Exergaming research is commercially based and unreliable
14. Exergaming provides incorrect medical analysis
15. Exergaming is just for kids
16. Exergaming hasn't been proven to work for gateway effect / weight loss
17. Exergaming takes participants away from traditional sport
18. Wii Fit is endorsed by the NHS Change4Life Campaign

Background : You must have come from either the Fitness Industry, the Gaming Industry or the Parentally encumbered (tick as many as applies!!)

Remuneration: Nothing in cash terms. You must love people and exergaming enough to give up your free time and energy to help others with this new way of activity.

Well, I hope the last point hasn't put you off applying, if you can't see the benefits of exergaming past the dollar signs then you're better off in the carbon trading derivatives markets!!

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