Friday, November 13

Gamercize and the Game4Life Campaign

Raising awareness of active video games

Today Gamercize announced the Game4Life campaign, a common keyword for the exergame industry to use to promote all different types of active gaming products and initiatives.

Video games have been getting bad press for violence linked to aggressive off-screen behaviour recently with the release of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but this is only half of the problem with video game PR. This single game has united gamers under the banner of Gamer's Voice - a Facebook group that is growing with over 13,000 members in less than a week, started by Labour MP Tom Watson.

The other half of the criticisms aimed at gaming is that is makes you fat. Despite the gaming industry response to this criticism using Wii Fit as an example, the wheels have come off that cart with findings from the American Council on Exercise this week that proves Wii Fit isn't really exercise.

Game4Life is a keyword (not a logo, the one in this post is just a personal impression I liked!) to raise awareness that there are many many more options of video game exercise that do work for cardio fitness. Gamercize has an acclaimed heart thumping range of exercise options from it's compact Power Stepper to the new full sized Family Fit - 3 in 1 recumbent cycle, static rower and Xbox 306, PS3 or Wii exergame.

Use Game4Life as a promo code, in a blog headline or as a twitter hashtag and let the public (and the government, press and fitness associations!) know about your video game exercise product or service so we can dispel the other half of gaming criticism.

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