Wednesday, June 17

Exergaming - Making exercise fun, for everyone

Free awareness card packs at Games for Health!

Games for Health in Boston this year was a much larger event that last year, showing the increased need and following not only in games for health, but specifically exergames!

The vast majority of the general public, even a good proportion of the delegates, have very little knowledge of the number of products in this space. For most it's just exergaming is Wii Fit, even poor old Wii Sports has been forgotten now. But there's so much more!

There is problem with this lack of awareness; if you don't like exercises like Wii Fit or if you don't lose weight with Wii Sports then it's a bad assumption to make that exergaming doesn't work. You've just not found the right one for you!

This is why it's important to see the whole selection, and why we pulled together a group of products that can be considered exergaming, 38 products in all, not just Gamercize. As the key message of exergaming is all about fun, we turned this into a card game for delegates to take home and play!

Here's a link to the conference live blog and some instructions on how to play -

The 38 products is the card list we used, so don't forget there's even more exergames out there - take a look at the exergaming wiki at and check that out, see how exergaming can work for you or your school and meet some of the people behind the genre!


Be Fit With Biray said...

These cards were indeed an excellent and creative idea! Thanks for your efforts in increasing awareness about exergaming! :)

Judy said...

Love the cards - collectible and cool - the game is a great idea.

gamercize @ said...

Thanks for the kind words Biray and Judy!