Tuesday, October 21

School and Sport's Partnership Conference

Gamercize wins the public vote!

Last week (and this week!) was very busy for us at Gamercize, bringing our unrivaled exergaming products to the UK's School and Sport's Partnership Conference in Telford.

I quick look around showed no active console gaming evident, aside from Gamercize. There were a few dedicated video game exercise machines, and the prices of these was staggering.

Gamercize showed similar exercise benefits, for a tenth of the cost, but they key benefit demonstrated by Gamercize was not the cost but the ability to support the games kids are already playing.

We chose to show the Gamercize products with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2, as both of these capable consoles are used to engage all children from early years to teenagers plus also double as DVD players for school!

The most encouraging aspect of the conference was the reaction of the partnership development managers, who when handed a leaflet said "that's ok, I already have one" - but that was referring not to the leaflet, but to already having Gamercize installed in their schools.

The hunt was on for delegates that have not engaged their children in physical activity with Gamercize. For those who hadn't seen it before their reactions were extremely positive, which explains why this week is also proving so busy for us - filling orders!

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