Wednesday, July 2

Beijing 2008 Official Olympic Video Game for next Gamercize Tournament?

Following on from the World's First International Online Exergaming Tournament.

It has been an interesting journey of discovery for everyone involved in the first tournament combining both video games and exercise in a single competition. The outcome was Team Gamercize UK won four of the six soccer matches, Team Gamercize USA won one, and the last game was a tie with seconds to spare before the end of the event.

Adding the game points and the exercise points gave the bragging rights to the "World Exergame Champions" title to the UK with 14,981 points against the US total of 6,472. When I have all the pictures and video together I will post a full write up.

Now we don't like to hang about at Gamercize, so we are looking to the next exergame tournament where we can officially put the championship title up for grabs. So far there are six countries interested in fielding a team and we can use what we have learned so far to make the next competition bigger and even better!

There was some concern, on both sides of the Atlantic I must add, to choosing a soccer game as the basis of the USA vs UK event. For the next event we are looking at running with multiple titles over different game genres, or maybe we should use just one title - Beijing 2008, the Official Olympic Video Game.

I like the concept of this game because it allows online play and supports Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Due to the unique interaction between game and exercise in Gamercize there is no other exergame product that can be used with this game title. The control requires a multitude of inputs on buttons, bumpers, triggers and twin directional sticks, people just don't have enough arms and legs for non-gamepad control!

Come to think of it there is no other exergame product for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC anyway, so this title looks like it's top of the list for now. I tend to let the experts be the experts in my approach, so if the Olymipic committee has already sought agreeable sports for all countries, then why not follow their lead for our own Exergame Olympics!

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